Elegance & Comfort in a Spectacular Location

Striving for perfection has always been the primary pre-occupation of the Cosgrave Team and while they agree it is impossible to claim success, the team has arrived at a consensus; It’s an ideal of good taste, based in symmetry, proportion and beauty of form and function, it is informed by classical and contemporary elements and Thormanby Hill is a veritable essay in the subject.


Approach from Thormanby Road to the elegant driveway of Thormanby Hill, through a pillared gateway, across a pebbled drive and cobbled path to arrive at the elegant granite framed doorway that provides a classical veil to a home cushioned from the world outside and promising comfort within.


The feature doorway with stain glass surround provides appropriate punctuation as exterior becomes interior in the spacious elegance of the entrance hall. Large tiles provide firm footing as the hardwood lines of the stairs draw the eyes up to offer glimpses of the wrap-around landing above, then elegant coving, crisp architraves and quality wooden doors merge to create a reassuring sense of quality that will stand the test of time.


On first glance Thormanby Hill is an experience all of its own, a culmination of the vast expertise of the Cosgrave Team, it is a promise of quality and comfortable elegance, offering a worthy home for an exceptional family life.

At Thormanby Hill, a devoted Cosgrave team have put decades of experience to great effect to deliver houses worthy of this exceptional setting, an achievement that is confirmed at first glance and consolidated over time.


It is clear that the houses at Thormanby Hill are spacious, stylish and perfectly finished inside and out. What is not immediately discernible is the superior fabric of the house where Cosgraves have incorporated a number of passive house features together with controlled energy saving mechanisms that greatly improve comfort and efficiency while helping to significantly reduce running costs.


These are “A” rated top of the range family houses that are perfectly resolved inside and out to offer an exemplary home for every stage of family life.


Thormanby Hill is the pinnacle of an uncompromising vision that delivers contemporary living informed by a deep rooted appreciation of traditional aesthetics, quality craftsmanship and contemporary technologies.


Step inside to superior comfort and style, step outside to “the best views west of Naples” and enjoy the very best in life, day in, day out in a truly exceptional setting.